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Our Story

It all started as a way to keep my mind off of being sick.

I was severely ill, recently released from the hospital, and basically relegated to  bed rest for several months.  My family said I needed a hobby; something to distract from the day-to-day drama and that would bring me a sense of control in a world that was in utter chaos.  So I began with something I have always loved, gemstones.  I could and still do spend hours fawning over gems and get overly giddy when going into the gem and mineral section at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I made things just for me, for my mom and sister and to my great surprise people began to ask me about what I was wearing and if I could make something for them. 

And so, T. Nicole Designs was born, like many gemstones, from the extreme pressures of life and formed in seemingly dark  and lonely place.  But after all that, what was meant as a distraction has emerged from the depths of despair to be something beautiful and beyond my wildest dreams.

Let T. Nicole Designs work with you to create that perfect piece that is so personally you, or pick one of our unique designs and make a twist on it to fit your style and taste.