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Look Who's Wearing My Bling!!!

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Hey Bling Lovers!It's been a while since I posted and for that I am sincerely sorry! The summer months were not kind to me and I was plagued by illness and hospital stays but some really great things happened too!

Almost a month ago television's best and brightest were recognized at an awards show in Los Angeles, CA. In association with The Artisian Group, my Fidelis Collection was included in the celebrity gift bags and on display in the pre-show gifting suite that was sponsored by GBK and Pilot Pens! In early June I blogged about the upcoming event and how I was hard at work getting things made and logistics worked out. Well, life intervened and endured a three week stay in ICU that nearly cost me my life. I had to take time away from what I loved to focus on getting back to some sense of normalcy. In doing so, I lost over a month in production time and had to scramble to get 100 bracelets made plus the display pieces. Along came August and everything was due in CA by August 12th and I was in the hospital yet again! Not to be defeated or deterred, I finished and packaged EVERYTHING from my hospital bed! It was incredibly stressful but the end result was more than worth it! I got three AWESOME celebrity photos with my bracelets and I couldn't be happier!


Allen Maldonado from ABC's hit show Blackish


Chrissy Metz from NBC's This Is Us


Tye White from OWN's Greenleaf and FX's American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson


All of us on the display team for the event waited and watched social media for mentions of our products from celebrities and the media. And while I may not have gotten the social media mentions and press that some of my fellow artisans did (I'm über happy for them and their success. The Artisian Group is about fostering and encouraging our fellow artists and pushing each other to do and be the best!) , I know my time will come and I got some really great pics! I am hopeful as I plan my marketing and social media strategy for 2017!

The investment and work I put into this event will have long-reaching implications. A year, two years, three years from now when I'm able to do this full-time and success has been achieved, I will look back on this experience and remember that this is where it all started.

Tanesha Nicole

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