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New Men's Line

Eclipse Fashion Jewelry Men's

Hey there bling lovers!

After much anticipation, I'm proud to present the debut of my men's line with the "Eclipse" collection!!  Dark, mysterious and multi-faceted; "Eclipse" uses tones of black, white and silver to create clean lines and pieces that even the Greek gods would envy.  

Designing men's jewelry does not come easy to me, as I love bling and color and layers in the jewelry I personally wear. But men are different.  While they do wear color, it tends to be in their clothing, not the sparse jewelry that they wear on occasion. That being said, I wanted to make my first men's offering a collection that would be versatile, able to be worn with any color or fashion, but have enough edge and bling factor that the pieces wouldn't be lost.  I think I have achieved that and am really proud of the work I've created. Hopefully you all will feel the same!


T. Nicole

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